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Thanks,Tokyo Comiccon 2018

Thank you very much for all the fans who visited Tokyo Comicom 2018.

Three days, visitors to 63,146 visitors total visitors.

Next time, I would like to thank you for coming to Tokyo Comicom 2019.

Tokyo Comic convention


Tokyo Comiccon 2019 held decision! ! !

We decided to hold Tokyo Comiccon 2019!

Details will be announced as we decide in the future.



Tokyo Comic convention


Tokyo Comiccon 2018 Closing

Tokyo Comiccon 2018 Closed on 12/2(Sun) at 18:00.

Thank you for visiting!!!

Tokyo Comic convention


Memorial monument for Stan Lee

At Tokyo Comic Com 2018, to be held from Friday, November 30th to Sunday, December 2nd, we will be setting up a memorial monument for Mr. Stan Lee, the honored father of the American-comic industry, who passed away recently.

The monument will be displayed in the venue on all days throughout the period for visitors to take photographs and leave messages.

*Please refrain from bringing flowers or gifts to the monument.

We sincerely hope that this will create an opportunity for many of his fans to gather and share their feelings for Mr. Stan Lee.

Tokyo Comic Convention Office


Here is the food menu you are expecting!

A space of the food court will be enlarged compared to last year and variety of meals are available.

For details, see below!



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